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Due to health and family commitments we need to reduce the size of our herd. We will not turn down any reasonable offer to a good home. Please call or email us for more information about our wonderful animals. All our animals are friendly and laid back.

Several of our females and crias

Chase and Carley - Two of our Guardian Livestock Dogs

Hello and welcome to Red Barn Alpacas (NY). We are situated in the hills of Chenango County on a little over 28 acres in Upstate New York. We are just 4.5 miles from the City of Norwich.

We are a small family run, hands on farm (Yes, WE do all the feeding, watering, shots, toenail trimming, breeding, cria birthing, weaning, showing, shearing and of course the poop raking). Our farm staff consists of Mat, Brenda and our daughter Breanna. We can't forget the four hardest workers of all Chase, Carley, Carson and Cooper - our Great Pyrenees guard dogs. They keep everyone safe.

Our start was a little slower than most folks. We looked and visited farms for seven years before we made the jump into this wonderful way of life. We refer to it as "The Healthy Alpaca Loving Lifestyle" We just wish we had done it sooner.

Starting out we had 3 females - two bred and 1 six month old maiden. We bought two more animals privately and one at an auction and had numerous cria's. Now, in our nineth year we have 33 alpacas on our farm. We work hard at our breeding program making sure that we are creating the best alpacas we can. We are concerned with confirmation, and of course the fineness, density, crimp and feel of the fleece.

We are a full service farm. We offer our customers all the customer service that they need or desire. We encourage interested people to visit the farm and get a feel for what it takes to have alpacas. We make ourselves available at all times because you can never predict when you have a question/problem that may need someone elses opinion or experience.

For those who are looking to breed, we offer both mobile and on site breedings. Please call us and we will work out a plan which works for both of us.

Stop by for some hands on experience for yourself, less the poop raking of course. We LOVE to talk alpaca with whoever will listen.

We work with everyone to try to accomodate their needs. No reasonable offer will be refused.